The portfolio

Welcome to the trophy room

Here you’ll find a selection of video games I had the pleasure to have worked on. Each of these localization projects put me to the test, posing linguistic and technical challenges. Still, all of them made me a better translator. No quest is worth it if no XP is gained, of course.

Some of these projects are NDA-bound, so there isn’t much I can tell you about them. However, I’m allowed to show and talk about some of these titles, and I’m even properly credited in a number of them (always credit your translators!).

Go ahead, take a look.

The works:

All behold the spectacle

Words translated: +32 500

Words translated: +10 500

 Words translated/adapted: +152 700

Words translated: +16 000

 Words translated/adapted: +5600

Words translated/adapted: +16 300

 Words translated/adapted: +32 500

Words translated: +42 300

Words translated/adapted: +3600

Words translated: +16 000

Words translated: +64 000

Words translated: +58 600

Words adapted: +8800

Words translated: +530

Words adapted: +37 000

Words translated: +1110 

Words adapted: +220

Words adapted: +38 800

The (other) works:

It’s all a blur


 Words translated: +218 000


 Words translated: +23 000

Third person action-adventure game.

Words translated: +42 500 


Words translated: +236 000

VR game

Words translated: +14 000


Words translated: +87 500 

Action RPG

Words translated: +94 300 


Words translated: +70 000 

Card game

Words translated: +29 300

Battle royale, RPG

Words translated: +22 600

Beat 'em up, RPG

Words translated: +95 300 


LocJAM 3

I was one of the winners of LocJAM 3, a non-profit video game translation contest organized by team GLOC and the Localization SIG of the IGDA, with the support of the IGDA Foundation.

The context took place in 2016, and the challenge was to translate The Hotel of Madness, an indie two-player board game inspired by classic horror stories of the 1980s.

Juror comments: “Instead of a mention, we’ve got to go for an ex-aequo here. Both entries were solid enough (consistent, accurate and flawless in spelling) to deserve the top spot.”