Work methodology

Videogame localization is your pathway to a wider audience. However, without the proper tools, resources and knowledge, that pathway can turn into a bumpy road.

While localization is critical, achieving legibility is not the only step required in preparing content for other cultures. Other processes are also pivotal for successful game localization. These include internationalization, which basically makes a game localization-friendly, and culturalization, which allows gamers to engage with the game’s content at a potentially more meaningful level.

Familiarization with the content prior to getting started is a must. The creation of tailored style guides is essential. The creation of a glossary with relevant terminology is imperative, and creativity is mandatory. Above all, a receptive, communicative approach between you and your friendly linguist is not just beneficial, it is crucial to solving problems and ensuring that the quality criteria and standards are met in full.

As a seasoned videogame localization specialist, I’ll make sure to comply with these particular requirements and craft a localized version of your game. I’ll apply specific regional and cultural features while staying true to the original product, in order to appeal to the target audience. The end result will not only reflect an overall coherence and understanding of the game, but will also mimic the feel and vibe of the source material to a tee.

In this way, I assure you that, rather than a difficult journey, you will enjoy a smooth, pleasant ride.