Why localize

Currently in full swing, the gaming industry has come a long way since the early 1970s, evolving from simple 2D graphics to avant-garde and complex 3D and VR technology. But whether the goal is to design a casual game for a mobile device or a big Hollywood-flick-like console monster, the struggle is real for anyone embarking on the intricate task of making a game.

And you, kind developer, know this for a fact: you spend hours, days and months meeting with your peers and planning plots and storylines, characters, maps, scenarios, difficulties, how the player wins, how the player loses, and a long etcetera. But aside from coming up with all of these ideas and concepts, you also address important details such as requirements, deadlines, budgets and target audience.

Now, let’s focus on the target audience for a minute. You’re sure your game is going to be a hit in your local market, but what about the foreign market? You’re now in a strange land where no one speaks your language, and your witty comments and clever storyline don’t seem to have the same appeal. Will this brand new audience dig your game? Chances are it won’t. Are you certain your game’s going to make it beyond the border, where the language barrier is a far more difficult challenge than the final boss? Sure, you have your doubts, but would you miss out on the opportunity of reaching out to an ever-growing gamer community? Are you sure you want to let that chance slip by?

If you’re ready to grasp that opportunity, then here’s when I come into play. I’m the key that opens that door, the missing piece that solves that puzzle, the secret weapon that defeat that boss. I’m the linguistic wizard who broadens your game’s horizons, the otherworldly wordsmith who grants you access to a brand new market, the literary craftsman who will see that your time and effort yield even more profit. An all-in-one linguistic solution to help your game grow and thrive.

Now it’s up to you. Do you want your game to become a big success across the globe? Then it’s high time you level up your language stats. If you were looking for reasons why localizing your game is important, then look no further. Translate your fantasy worlds, globalize the fun, and gain more revenue. What are you waiting for?