The backstory

Ironically, it all started with “GAME OVER.”

Those were the very first two English words I ever learned when I was 4 or 5 years old. I saw this grim and loathsome phrase one afternoon when I ran out of lives while playing Super Mario Bros. I can still remember staring at those two words, and those two words staring back at me, and the disheartening music playing in the background as the sole witness. Back then, I only knew I’d lost and couldn’t play anymore, but I was curious enough to ask what this expression meant. I can say this was not only one of my first videogame experiences, but also my first approach to translation.

Several years later, with a lot more gaming experience on my hands, and plenty more English words in my vocabulary, I found myself pursuing a translation degree. Still, I wasn’t sure what field of translation should I specialize in. That was until I discovered something called videogame localization, a bright, up-and-coming branch of translation which would allow me to combine two of my most cherished passions. Really? Translate games for a living? Where do I sign?!

Today, after years of study, hard work, self-improvement and experience in the field, I’m proud to introduce myself to you as a videogame localization specialist who translates, reviews and proofreads gaming content for the Latin American Spanish community. A very diligent and creative professional, I have more tools and resources than a bat’s utility belt, run faster than a blue hedgehog to meet tight deadlines and fight like a warrior out of this world to ensure a flawless victory and deliver a top-notch quality work.

Now press “START” and we’ll continue to the next stage.