Here at Station to Station, you’ll find a complete range of sheer-quality localization solutions for your product to break into the Latin American Spanish market. No matter if I have to play on hard mode, I’ll fight to the end to help you achieve a perfect score in a foreign land.

Game content

In-game text is always rich in technical and literary complexity. From long, extensive lore and detailed quest descriptions to generic system messages and character-limited menus, everything imposes a challenge. If the proper care isn’t taken, a disengaging, bug-ridden product is in order.

Fortunately for you, I know the particularities of such difficulties and how these narrative and mechanical features keep games entertaining and functional. Overcoming these obstacles is the pathway to successfully bringing about a flawless, immersive localized version of your game.

Website localization

Thanks to globalization, you have access to an almost unlimited market. Localizing your website is elementary if you want to not only reach out to a much wider audience, but also bring in more revenue.

However, website localization is about much more than the plain translation of your content into another language. Meeting user expectations, digging into their habits and culture, adapting to their local customs, and getting the right message with the right words all play a paramount role in this surgical procedure.

By conveying the same amount of cleverness, ingenuity and charisma that your original message contains, players will not only dig your product, they will buy it. If you’d like this to be the case, then allow me to assist you in creating a tailor-made, adapted version of your website that appeals to the target audience.

Proofreading and quality assurance

This is the last act to get through to accomplish an immaculate, gleaming version of the final product. Polishing a text is of critical importance to make sure the gamer doesn’t bump into a single smirch when going on a quest. A detail-oriented approach is indispensable to unlock this valuable achievement, and there’s nothing better than Station to Station’s sharp eyes to accomplish this task.

Voiceover, subtitles and dubbing

It’s both fun and challenging to embark on the complex mission of translating an audio script. Among its many quirks, a script can include riveting dialogues that teem with amusing puns, witty comments and funny songs, along with the characters’ unique set of distinctive features, be it a high-pitched or guttural voice, eloquent or slurred speech, a gloomy or cheerful personality, etc.

With just the right amount of creativeness and imagination, I can mold these components, provide them with the required tone and feel, and render a meaningful, engaging adaptation for this particular locale and culture.

Packaging and manuals

Translating your box and docs is a rather technical aspect of game localization where the literary has little or no business. After all, the user manual will not contain the game’s lore. But if you want the players to be able to understand how to play the game, localizing it is the right thing to do.

Other services

There’s more to life than localizing videogames.

Although videogame localization is my main area of work, I also have a taste for other media outlets, namely TV, music, cinema, literature and comic books.