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I’m Luciano Di Lorenzo, English to Spanish (Latin American) translator. Nice to meet you!

I’ve been bringing the fun to the Latin American Spanish gaming community since 2014, time in which I had the chance to work on some of the most interesting and fascinating projects, ranging from AAA to indie games for PC, consoles, and mobile devices.

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I have loc experience in

MMORPG • Platform-adventure • Action-adventure • MOBA • FPS • Racing • Fighting • RPG

I have a penchant for

Retrogaming • Survival horror • Beat’em up • Graphic adventures • Visual novels • Platform • Sports • Casual

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Ready to localize?

I’ve helped many games to overcome the language barrier, and yours could be next!

If you’d like to introduce your game to the ever-growing Latin American Spanish audience, reach a brand-new market and gain more revenue, then let’s raise your loc stats high.

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