I stepped into the videogame localization world in 2014 with little to no experience in the field. I have to admit I was quite a noob, but I worked hard. By diligently researching and documenting relevant game localization material, I learned the craft and the business, and became the trustworthy pro that I am today, translating, reviewing and proofreading gaming content from AAA titles and indie games alike.

The examples below serve as a testimony to the aforementioned statement. You’ll find some projects I’ve worked on, the games I’ve experience in, the games I like, kind words from clients and colleagues alike about my work, etc. Feel free to check everything out. And remember: no quest is worth it if no XP is gained.

Some localized projects

QuantumBreak (Remedy Entertainment/Microsoft, 2015) (via Keywords Studios)  
+42500 words translated

Damaged Core (High Voltage Software/Oculus VR, 2016) (via Keywords Studios)
+14000 words translated

South Park: The Fractured But Whole (Ubisoft Entertainment Inc., 2017) (via Keywords Studios)
+87500 words translated

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (Dimps/Bandai Namco Entertainment America, 2017) (via Keywords Studios)
+73500 words translated

Localization experience in:

  • Platform-adventure
  • Action-adventure
  • MOBA
  • FPS
  • Racing
  • Fighting
  • RPG

What I like:

  • Survival horror
  • Beat’em up
  • Graphic adventures
  • Visual novels
  • Platform
  • Sports
  • Casual
  • Retrogaming


We’ve been working with Luciano Di Lorenzo since early 2015, and he’s become one of our most reliable collaborators for Latin American Spanish translation ever since: he’s always happy to contribute to our projects, he’s never scared of challenges and consistently meets our expectations with regard to deadlines and quality. We hope to keep working with him for many years!

Santiago G. Sanz, former LQA Supervisor

I had the opportunity of working with Luciano in several occasions, and I must say that he is an excellent translator and teammate. He demonstrates incredible language skills in both English and Spanish. He is absolutely reliable, responsible and efficient. In our joint projects, he has proven to be extremely creative and enthusiastic. Entrusting a project to Luciano is, undoubtedly, a guarantee of success!

Adriana Pedemonte, former Chief Reviewer; translator and colleague

Working with Luciano was always a guarantee of a well-done job. Never missed a deadline, always finding creative solutions and proactive, what more can one ask? It’s quite a relief having him in the team, since you know he will always be eager to work and quality is never going to be an issue.

Daniela Briceño Martínez, former Project Manager


LocJam3 Video Game Localization Contest 2016. Winner in the Pro Category.

LocJAM was a non-profit videogame translation contest organized by team GLOC and the Localization SIG of the IGDA, with the support of the IGDA Foundation. The challenge was to translate The Hotel of Madness, an indie two-player board game inspired by classic horror stories of the 1980s. Click here to see my input.

 “Instead of a mention, we’ve got to go for an ex-aequo here. Both entries were solid enough (consistent, accurate and flawless in spelling) to deserve the top spot.”

Juror comments

Winner diploma. Click to enlarge.